Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is...

When he's constantly professing his love with I love you's
When he rushes home just to be with you
Spends the weekend on the couch hanging out when he could be doing other things
He carries your purse and bags while shopping at the mall
when he curls up to you at night and runs his fingers through your hair
Comes up from behind just to steal a hugs & kisses
When you find those unexpected roses he went out and bought
Getting a phone call or text message from him while he's at work
When he puts you on a pedestal and treats you like a queen
Finding a love note by the coffee cup that he's set out for you while you slept in
When he rubs your feet or back every night while you watch tv and cuddle
Makes you smile when you've had a bad day
Buys you candy and ice cream when he goes to the store, because he knows you won't
Tells you how great you look you are when your having one of those days
When you know he will come running when ever you need him
When he chases you down the hall after the kids are asleep
When he sneaks home from work just to see you
When you still get butterflies after 12 years
Sorry Ladies he's already Taken
Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Very sweet! I love hearing women say GOOD things about their husbands. I hear so much bad stuff. This is also a reminder to me to be positive and focus on my man's good qualities. Thank you!

  2. How cute.. my hubby doesn't do half of those things but he shows me he loves me in his own way =)

  3. Hi.. I would prefer making my own bows than constantly buying them (and your right they are like $5 for like 2) because she loses them and that's just wasting money. And with making them yourself you buy the ribbon, and just bow away =)

    I could be all creative and make them to match my kids clothes, how fun would that be.

  4. may i translate this article for a magazine in my language?


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