Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Banana Mystery

Just the other day I was running late, as usual trying to get out the door. I know why do I need to be all dolled up at 7 am just to drop off the kids? I’m not even going in, but God for bid I get in a car wreck and someone see me. What can I say I have issues. Well, this morning I had a good excuse I was trying to get everyone ready and do housework, because I wasn’t coming back home. I was going to spend the day taking care of my dad, to relieve my mom. I had plenty I could do there, but I thought I would take everything to make banana bread and pudding. I had two big bundles of banana’s ruining and this would be a good way not to waste them. That morning, I told Kailey to put them in a bag for me and set them with everything I had packed. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I thought that’s the least she could do. My biggest mistake was I did not make eye contact with her, while she was sucked into the show ‘Pet star’. I should have known my simple clear directions could not breakthrough her comatose state without broken reception. When I arrived at my moms with bags of stuff for the day, I couldn’t find the bananas. So frustrated and too far from home, I just stood sighing in disgust. That evening brain fried tired, and the fact I had no sticky note to remind me, I forgot all about not having them. The next evening once I remember my loss and I began looking for them again. They still were no where to be found. Come to find out Kailey had stuffed them in a bag, and threw them away. By that time they were way beyond recovery and she just stood wondering what the problem was. After I explained why I’m not going to just dig them out of the garbage, she proceeded telling me she didn’t like banana bread anyways. (Oh!, Well silly me what was I thinking? Getting my panies in a bunch all for nothing.) ..You see this is excactly why I try to do everything myself, and go crazy in the meantime.


  1. You wanna know what my therapist says? Yes, okay, here you go. I get super crazy about the dishwasher, having to load it and unload it myself because no one else can do it correctly (I MUST wash the dished before loading them into the dishwasher). So...I told her that I banned everyone in the house from doing the dishes, and what did she say? Did she say that I should at least appreciate them doing it? Hell, no, that would have gotten her slapped.

    What she said to do is, every time they do it the way I don't like, tell them (nicely), "I really prefer it to be done THIS way rather than this way. Do you think you could do it THIS way next time?" Of course, you will need to say this 17,000 times before people start doing it the way you want, but ONE DAY you will not have to do it all by yourself, and you can look forward to that and not feel the angry resentment that I feel when I demand to do it all myself.

    Because really, who can do it as well as me? Hmmmm?

    And good for you for fighting the frump when taking your kids to school. At that time of morning, my idea of fighting the frump is making sure my daughter is dressed and I have on clothes. Hee hee! I can't concentrate that early. HOW do you do it???

  2. Yup you missed the whole eye contact. That's were you went wrong =) Well from all the work of ALMOST making banana bread I'd stuff my kids face with it anyways, *hmph* telling me you don't like it, right =)


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