Saturday, November 17, 2007

I won't be asking her to take out the trash!

My girls have been watching some show on the Disney channel about hobbies, and collecting things. Most children collect things like stickers, rocks, or stamps. What does Kailey my oldest collect? Trash!! I can not get it through her head, that you don’t collect trash. I keep telling her collect something normal, I’ll even help you. Her grandmothers have bought her figurine horses and snow globes, but it doesn't help. I have even bought lots of sticker books hoping she might get into that. Yet no matter what I say or do, she continues to try and collect trash. She begs for empty macaroni and cheese boxes, cereal boxes, soda bottles, candy wrappers anything that is trash. I am constantly telling her “No, it’s trash throw it away!” In her room I find stashes hidden, and I load up. I don’t know where it all comes from. I really hope she isn’t digging through our trash! Everyday after school I go through her book bag, to see what I’ll be throwing out for the day. She has snack at school every morning, so I find other kids wrappers & empty snack bags. One day there had to be 30 plastic rings from off of sports bottles. She must have had them in her desk at school for a while and decided to bring them home. Well this Friday I open her bag and it has paper wads. Which that’s not unusual, she get others kids to give her their graded papers. Not only did she have some of those, but she had 5 empty toilet paper rolls!! I have No idea where those came from, and I’m afraid to ask! I have no clue what to do, to stop this! It’s been going on for about a year now. At first it was cute, I thought awe she just doesn’t understand the concept of collecting. Than I got annoyed that she wasn’t listening. At this point I am just plain scared! What is this a sign of? I don’t want her grow up and be a hoarder, or a garbage picker. I think my next step may be to get her into collecting Garbage Pail Kid stuff. Seems like a great collection that appeals to her interests. Remember these; stickers and cards!

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