Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Becareful what you whine for!

My girls have some funny fascination with a school bus. They have both rode on one before on fieldtrips and such to know it’s not that big a deal. Listening to them you would think they were missing out on some big party or something. Everyday we pass a school bus and the whining starts. “We never get to ride the bus!” and “why can’t we ride the bus to school?” Their school charges to ride the bus, and I am at home so I drive them. So for future use, I’ve decided to make a video of their begging. That way when they turn 16 and beg for a car, I can bring out my little video. Then I can say; “don’t you remember when you begged and pleaded to ride the bus, we’ll now I’ve decided to let you!” I’m thinking they won’t find that joke too funny! I’ll make sure to get their expressions on video also.

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