Monday, November 19, 2007

Ashamed to Buy Baby Formula

Back in September it was Labor Day weekend and I went to pick up a few things at one of the local Ingles stores. I hardly ever go to this one particular store, because it is always busy and hard to get parking. With it being a holiday weekend they were even busier than usual. I had gone by myself without the kids, which I rarely get to do. One of the things I needed to buy was baby formula. Since I switched Jacob to the bottle, I give him the Lipil Enfamil brand. The formulas containing Lipil are to help with brain and eye development. Ever since I started purchasing it, I noticed they keep these powder cans in the front of the store. Nothing I ever thought much about. So, that was my first stop to grab a can. As I am standing there one of the managers comes up and asks if he can help. I explained I was looking for the larger can of the Lipil and I didn’t see it. He asked how many I needed and went behind the service desk to get one. I figured there wasn’t enough room on the shelves, so I thanked him and went on my way. As I continued to shop this man was constantly following me in the store. Once I finished shopping and was checking out, he came to the register I was at. He started to push my buggy and help me out. Not that I needed any help with only 3 bags. He didn’t give me a choice, so all I could do was follow him. The store was packed with people; I only had three bags, so I thought this was a little weird. If I was there with a buggy full of groceries carting three kids, no one would even offer to help. I felt so silly going to my car with him right beside me. He continued to carry on petty conversation. While here I am thinking “Buddy I am married with three kids, back off”. The whole situation was just very uncomfortable.
Now 2 Months later, I go to Bi-lo’s to purchase more formula. This is another local grocery store where I know everyone. As I am looking for this particular formula I come across a big sign on the shelf. It read ‘Please go to service desk if you are looking for Enfamil with Lipil’. Here I am panicked that there has been a recall or something. Everyday you here on the news it’s something else. I’m thinking great now what will I feed him as I walk to the desk. I see one of the managers I know, and ask about the formula. I told him I needed some and asked what was wrong. He proceeds to tell me they are a high theft item. Oh I see, for those who can’t afford it or something? “No” he said, “Apparently it is some ingredient being used to make new drug out there, cocaine he thought”. What??? Oh my! Last year it was cold remedies, if you bought Aleve you had to sign for it. What’s next I’ll have to give I.D to buy baby formula? Here all I want to do is give my baby the best, and I get marked as a criminal. I guess that explains the guy following me before. He wasn’t hitting on me; he thought I was a dope head! I’ll be sure next time I go there to make a point for him to see me shopping with my kids. Now I hate to buy it when I am by myself, afraid what people might think of me. What is this world coming to?

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