Saturday, November 24, 2007

I want that for Christmas ....

Madisen has drove me crazy today over this horse for Christmas. This $250 horse! Why? Why? Why? We already have a real horse. Makes no sence to me. All I know is , it's not happening. Every year there is that one toy they just have to have. So far I have been lucky, they haven't mention any particular toy. (Till this horse today) It's just been everything on the T.V. Every commercial that comes on the T.V you here: "I Want That for Christmas!!", which always causes fight. They think whoever says it first gets that toy for Christmas. So of course the one who said it last pouts till the next big commercial. I've had to threaten them about that. Except they don't much believe I'll take away Christmas.
Every year there's that one hot toy. I rack my brain searching all over for whatever it is. Last year it was the Heeley shoes, Love them!! They keep them busy for hours.Tired of your kids being bored while you shop? Buy Heelys.
The other big thing was the 'Baby Alive' for Madisen. Everywhere I went they were sold out. I called stores searched all over the Internet, to find No baby. Finally last minute, my sister found one in Arizona. This doll should have been marked with a bad toy award. I wish I never would have found it. Anything entitled 'Alive', buyer beware.Yes, she eats and poops. Madisen was constantly feeding her. Which I'm glad she played with it, but the diapers are not cheap. I was constantly buying diapers for a DOLL! They weren't exactly Huggies brand so,It makes a huge mess too. The stuff it poops gets on everything.
I'm holding my breath, on what this year will bring. I hope she forgets about this horse!

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