Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm starved when's snack?

Madisen bless her heart is eating us out of house and home. Every morning, the minute her feet hit the floor she wants cereal. I have literally seen her barely have her eyes open enough to focus and ask for cereal. After she finishes a whole bowl, she will then eat again with Kailey. I’m not talking about just a small amount either. It’s a full plate of waffles or whatever I fix. For her snack at school I have to send two snacks, because one is not enough. I have watched her on the play ground before school gets out toting along her lunchbox to finish whatever is left. On the way home from school she will go through kailey’s box to see if she has anything left to snack on. Then once we walk in the door she goes straight to the kitchen to scramble through the cabinets. Meanwhile stating she is starved to death and can’t wait for me to start supper. You would think after eating all day she wouldn’t even think of eating super. Wrong…..she always finishes her plate, and will start eyeballing my plate for extras. Most nights she eats more than I do, at the table. While I clean up the kitchen after super, she still sits eating her desert. Not even thirty minutes after that she awaits for her evening snack. I don’t know how she can be so hungry just getting up from the table. I end up chasing her out of the kitchen many times until snack time 7:30pm. This child never stops eating, or worrying about eating. I don’t understand how she stays so skinny. I just wish I had a portion of her metabolism.
No matter where we go she has to pack a lunch. Why? Because she might get hungry so she says! It’s a battle to get her out the door without a lunch, even if I know I’ll be coming back home in 30 minutes. I have enough to gather for Jacob without packing an entire lunch just to run up to the bank! Every week it is all I can do to buy enough snacks for the house. Last night Jason was rumbling through the cabinets looking for an evening snack and I hear him say “whoa now that’s a big box”! He had run across the box of cheez- it’s I bought. It’s is as big as a box of cereal. (Thank goodness for Wal-mart) The sad thing is I doubt it will even last till Friday. I don’t know how we will afford groceries when they are all teenagers.

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