Monday, November 19, 2007

Daddy's sick

Jason has suffered all weekend with a terrible cold. (You know a Man-killing cold only men seem get.)

Kailey & Madisen ; "Daddy come play a game with us"

Jason; "Daddy is sick, I can't"

Madisen; whinning..."Why not?"

Jason; "I'm sick!", " Back up Madisen, your too close, I'll get you sick"

Kailey; "What's wrong with you?"

Jason; "I don't know, I just have a cold or something."

Madisen; "What kind of cold?"

Jason; "I don't know just a cold."

Kailey; "Ew...I hope it's The Virus, because you don't throw up with The Virus!!"

Jason; ??? blink...blink ???

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