Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't tell me how to raise my kids

Last night on the world news I watched a story on a bill passed in Massachusetts that prohibits spanking. First of all there is a huge difference in spanking your child and beating them. I for one firmly believe in spanking. A little swat on the butt is by all means not child abuse. I think half of what is wrong with some children today, is because they are not disciplined. When I was growing up I had to cut my own hickory, if I got in trouble. For those of you not from the south, a hickory is a thin branch off a tree. Believe me if I even thought of doing something the thought of that hickory changed my mind quick. For the asinine thinking from psychologists out there saying it causes a child to be violent, they are wrong. Some psychologists are like scientists they like to just form their own opinions and call it gospel. As a child and as an adult I do not think hitting is okay. I don’t spank my children every time they do something wrong either. Every situation is different and is dealt with appropriately. Sometimes that just means you need to talk it out or have a time out. I remember when Kailey was very young she would pitch a fit the minute you got in the store and not sit in the buggy. She was screaming she didn’t care what I was saying at the time. She was smart enough to think she could get by with it. You can't give timeout sitting in a buggy in the store. One trip to the public bathroom for a little swat and talking to and she never did it again. Had I just ignored it, the screaming would have continued all through the store and she would know she could always get by with it. My girls are very good kids, they don’t talk back, and they respect adults. In fact I can’t even remember the last time they even got a spanking. If you ask them they probably don’t even remember, because for one it wasn’t a big deal. Now at their age I just threaten it and they immediately straighten up and act right. I think for the government to step in and say how we can and can’t raise our children is absurd. I am all for them protecting children against abusive parents and such but in this situation it’s wrong to categorize everyone. The government wants separation of Church and state and freedom of religion, well this goes against my religion! The Bible plainly says don’t spare the rod, and you can’t argue with Gods word. The government has taken God out of everything so this is no different I see. Look at what has happened to the school system since they took God out of it. Hence my whole point! I think a mother knows her children better than anyone. We need to be the ones to decide what punishment is best for every situation, and every child.Not a bunch of old men sitting in the white house!

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