Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks

Our family had many things to be thankful for.
Ernie- My sister was Thankful just to be awake enough to eat, because she worked all night.
John- My Dad was Thankful to still be alive and hear what everyone was saying. (So he thought)
Katherine- My mom was thankful her famous biscuits turning out light and fluffy.
Terry & Tammy- My brother and his wife were just thankful to eat by 1:00, because they had to eat again with her parents.
Jason- Was Thankful for the 35lbs of meat on the table.
Kailey- was thankful she got twice as much whip cream than pie!
Madisen- was thankful for the rock hard biscuits she made for mamaw.
Jacob- was thankful for all the extra attention, and his first bites of Pumpkin pie.
Myself, I was thankful my turkey was good, even though I cooked it upside down for the first two hours!
All and all ...Everyone ate too much and got lazy. It was a great Thanksgiving!

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