Friday, November 16, 2007

I’m Teething and Mommy is Sleep Deprived

This morning I was so proud of myself. You see I let Jacob sleep in his crib 30 minutes before my alarm went off, this morning! I know that doesn't sound like much, but it was a huge step for me.Not only do our pets seem to get separation anxiety, but I have it! Only I don't have pills like Saddie.
I don’t let my kids do much of anything. No sleepovers, but at grandmas, and hardly any fieldtrips at school, if I can’t go. I drill them about strangers, phone numbers ect.. every morning before school. Then I end up crying after I drop them off. Stupid I know!! Even up until Madisen was 6 I made a place next to my bed every night, for the girls. Just in case they got scared in the middle of the night. Let me explain..There is no extra room in the bed when your husband is spread out like a hot breakfast. As I told you in a earlier post, the girls share a room. It wasn’t that we didn’t have room enough for them to have there own room. I just wanted them close to me. I had their bed faced exactly where I could see them, straight across from our room. That way if I opened my eyes at night, I could see them. Finally just 2 years ago, Jason convinced me to let them move there bed, and stop making a place in the floor. I didn’t sleep for a while, and finally got used to it. As for the bed in the floor, the truth is they hadn't been using it for 6mos. prior.
Now that Jacob is about to turn 6 months, Jason’s on my case again! HE thinks it's time I moved Jacob out of our room. My stomach knots up at just the thought. He did have a point that he is getting a little big for the bassinet. He clearly showed me the tag which reads max 18 lbs. He’s exactly 18lbs, so I think he’s fine. He does have at least another inch or two before he touches the ends! It’s not like I was planning on leaving him in it, until he is sitting up or nothing. I can see it now….He’s sitting up turning on his mobile himself in the middle of the night! Okay that would be bad. Anyways, Jacob has been cutting teeth here lately so he’s been a tad bit cranky. It’s made for some very sleepless nights. (If you have read any of my posts lately you’d know for sure…I had to do a little revising!) Last night was no different, and at 4am he tossed and fussed, till I got up to feed him. The only difference was when I laid him in the crib to make his bottle, he went to sleep immediately. I decided I only had 30 minutes till the alarm went off, and I was so tired, so I went back to bed. I laid there a few minutes just listening, Not a Peep! He ended up sleeping 2.5 more hours. Apparently he just wanted his crib, so Jason just had to point out! So, today I decided to go out and buy a little sleep. I bought a new and improved monitor to assure all my fears. Not as if that was easy. They had to have 100 different monitors. I bought The Angel care monitor. Supposedly it detects a heart beat. I still don't think I'll sleep but we'll see. (I think I’ll test it with a bag of sugar tonight , before I trust to leave him. Jason may find me sleeping next to the crib in the morning!)Does anyone have this monitor? If so drop me a line! Oh please tell me I’m not the only crazy mom, do any of you suffer from this craziness?

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