Thursday, November 29, 2007

Control your Kids!!

One day I was in the grocery store with my kids. My girls were walking quietly each with one hand on my buggy through the store. As I am there deciding on some produce, I hear this mother coming up the aisle with her two kids. I say hear because I heard them way before I ever saw them. I look over and these two kids are running up and down the aisle screaming and playing. One is pushing a childs training buggy trying to hit customers and the other is running after. Meanwhile this mother is just oblivious to anything happening. At first I thought they weren’t even with her. My kids were just as stunned as I was. Madisen clearly a lot younger than one of those kids looks at me, and say’s “Mom their being really bad!” It’s sad when a child even notices. As I continued to shop I happened to see them again on another aisle. Now one is laying in the floor kicking and the other is throwing cans off the shelf. I absolutely was floored! They clearly could have used a good spanking for sure! How could this mother think this is okay behavior? Why do they let them just go out of control in the stores? I hate shopping for clothes and having some kids playing tag within the racks. Their screaming and running into anyone in the way. Nothing drives me crazier. I can’t imagine how it is in their homes. No matter how bad I think mine are being at times in the store, I know now my complaints are only petty. I’m glad I have taught mine better.

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