Tuesday, November 20, 2007

8am and I already need a Break!

5 am I go running out the shower this morning, because of the monitor alarm is sounding. As I pass by my bed, I see Jason soundly sleeping through it. Wet and running through the house in the dark I ran smack into Kailey panicking over the noise. Go flying through the nursery to see Jacob snuggled at the top corner of his bed. False alarm! Ten minutes before rushing out the door, Madisen gets a clump of tooth paste in her hair. Jacob poops just as we need to leave. Late and finishing up homework in the car, I hit a wall of fog. With a two lane road and traffic slowed down to a minimum, we arrive at school just in time for them to rush into class. At 8:30 I arrive back at home to start the rest of my day.

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