Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Never thought these words would come out of my mouth.....I HATE shopping!

I am so sick of going to the grocery store!! Everyday I have to go for something. It never fails. I will do all my shopping on one day while the girls are in school. I drive 20 miles to the nearest Super Wal-mart to get everything I need. Of course I don’t buy everything there. I need whatever I couldn’t get there and all my fresh meats and bread from the local grocery store. I just love when I get there to find out they are out of what I need. Then it’s off to yet another store. I also buy all my produce from the local farmers market down the road. Doing all my shopping this way is a big headache, but I save a ton of money. At the same time I have three or more shopping lists. I try to keep up when things start to run out, but when buying in bulk sometimes that it’s impossible. Especially when I am the only one in the house keeping these lists. It’s not like a get a memo saying “Hey mom, I put the last soda in the fridge”, Jason’s big saying is “we’re out of toilet paper!” Somebody had to have put the last roll in the bathroom, so why didn’t they say anything? I can’t put it on the list if I don’t know! Of course truth be known those list’s really don’t do me any good. Yes, I admitted that! Shhhh…Don’t tell anybody. (Especially Jason) As you know my brain turned to mush the first time I ever found out I was pregnant, and it’s never been the same. I am the post it note queen. I have notes for everything! Notes for school, homework, stuff needed, activities, bills, groceries, dates, birthday parties, church activities….Everything. They are on the fridge, in my date book, next to the computer, on my calendar, in the diaper bag….Every where! Most of the time I forget them in the car when I go to shop, then it’s a mind game of what I can remember. If the girls are with me, you can forget it. My main goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible. I come out with way more than I ever had on the list. I’m busy trying to read and remember what I forgot, and they are begging for this and that. Most of the time I just say “Yes whatever” so they will hush. Will you stop fighting!!!! I can’t think!!!!! That’s why I try to go without them. Even without them it’s a headache. It never fails, the minute I get half my groceries on the conveyer at the cash register. That cashier light starts flashing. There’s either someone trying to cash a check, or they need a price check. As if it wasn’t bad enough, they don’t have enough cashiers and I’ve had to stand in line. You can only entertain a 5 month old for so long. It takes me so much longer shopping with him anyways. I expect to have to stop every so often to tend to him. It’s the shoppers that I get annoyed with. They stop you every few feet. Looking at the baby, touching the baby, and talking about the baby! If I hear, “what aisle did you get him on?” one more time this week I will scream. All the employees at the local stores know me. I think Ingles should give me a part in their stock or something. Instead all I get is a free Thanksgiving turkey. I went to pick that up today, since we were out of toilet paper. I should have picked up tin foil too, which I forgot. (got to get a post it) Guess I’ll get that tomorrow. All I want is One day, of not going to the store!

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