Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you God for…..…

(Thought this story would be appropriate for church night Wednesday)
In our house we pray every night before eating supper. The girls have a trundle bed , so whoever sleeps on top prays for the week. Had to make that rule after the fighting to pray started. Nothing like having to pray after a big fight at the table. Usually Kailey starts it. There’s “ She’s takes too long , I’m starving” , and “ It’s my turn” ect… They end up arguing , I can’t remember who prayed last night. The food I prepared is getting cold, so I get upset. Jason jumps in adding his two cents worth, because he is starved. Then after all that someone begins to pray. That really makes it hard to get your heart in the right spot to pray. Therefore, the new rule was established!
Every night when it’s Madisen’s turn. She is so precious, but so long winded. Thinking she gets that from her papaw. If she takes a breath sometimes you have to tell her to rap it up. Ready or not she starts praying. Most the time your caught in mid sentence talking or walking to the table. She doesn’t give you a chance to even shut your eyes and she’s off. Her prayers always start out with everything but nothing. It’s thank you god for the silverware, the chairs, the food, plates ect.. Then she comes out with something Every time off the wall. One night she prayed for God to take care of everyone. She names off every one , but my husband Jason. She gets through and he looks at me and say “ We’ll I guess I don’t need praying for”. One time she ended her prayer with “ and be with all the Mexicans , Amen” . We go from sick people to the Mexicans!? My husband and I were there trying our best not too laugh. I am choking on my own spit by the time she is done. Madisen is one to get very offended so you have to be careful. She’s now getting to where she looks at your expressions and knows something is wrong. She looks up so innocent and say’s “what?”. I usually have to just get up and hide my face! Kailey for the longest never listened to what she said or just didn’t pay it any attention. Now she’s one of the first to comment. I constantly have to blare my eyes at her to hush. Then she just sits there. “What? She doesn’t know any orphans in the orphanage”. I defend Mady and tell them to eat. Poor Madisen just goes on about eating. Bless her heart she tries and that’s all that matters. I know Gods getting a good laugh.

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